Cooking Classes

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Our classes are constructed to give you the knowledge of what it takes to
implement and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Inclusive of :
Basic home nutrition and proper eating habits,
Proper exercise techniques and customized training programs
Goal setting, Personal assessments and  body composition

Our signature class will not only give you knowledge but will motivate you and drive you to putting forth the best possible effort toward achieving your ultimate goals.

Managing a healthy lifestyle
(signature class) 4 hours

Establishing a vegan and or vegetarian diet
4 hours

Private classes classes available
Starting at $250 for up to 10 people
Chef Ron Ramos
Learn to cook in the comforts of your own home and have fun doing it!
Our private in-home cooking classes allow you the opportunity to learn professional preparation methods and industry secrets that will turn you into a home chef in no time.
Our chef inspired classes consist of a very interactive and hands experience that bring to life the  wonderful tastes and flavorful aromas that come with hiring a personal chef.

Interactive Dinner parties
Looking for a creative way to entertain?

Have a "Cooking party. Invite family and friends to a casual night of learning how to cook and having fun while doing it.

The chef encourages the participants to cut, chop, saute, garnish and be as involved as they wish. 

Custumize your own menu or choose from a selection of menus designed by the chef.

Most classes include up to three appetizers, one entree, up to two side dishes and a dessert

All classes last 3-4 hours and include shopping for food Class instruction and clean up

The most affordable way to entertain with elegance.

Lifestyle management classes